5 Essentials for Enjoying the Final Moments Before I Do

The wedding day is here. Peonies, ranunculus, and roses are perfectly placed in clear vases, ready to accessorize your white trumpet dress. The pictures with your bridesmaids are finished and now you all sit in your bridal suite and wait. You anxiously try not to watch as the clock ticks by, and for the guests to slowly trickle in but you know, soon, your handsome groom will be at the end of the aisle standing, hands clasped, with tears rimming his eyes. There is still two hours though until that time and that seriously could feel like the longest wait of your life.

In those last minutes or hours until the wedding bells ring, to keep from feeling overly anxious and staring down the clock until the altar, here are a few ideas on how to savor and even celebrate the final countdown.

  • Bottoms up – A drink on your wedding day is definitely allowed! It is a celebration after all. Take this time to open up the bottle and cheers to a successful day and the people who you get to spend these final moments with.

For the ladies, try a St-Germain and grapefruit juice. This unassuming elderflower liquor comes from the mountains of France and is only harvested for a few short weeks of the entire year. This special drink is meant to be savored and is the perfect, non-traditional compliment for this celebration. For the groomsmen grab some bourbon, bitters, and some sugar water for an Old Fashioned. An Old Fashioned is always the classiest choice.

  • Have some snacks – This is the perfect time to have a little something before standing for the next 30-40 minutes of your life. Have some cheese and crackers, charcuterie, and fruit. Just to tie you over until dinner and balance out the celebratory booze.

Bonus – make sure to have a mint tray out for your bridal party + keep the food near a mirror. At any moment, the photographer could rush in and summon everyone out for some fake laughter shots and people will be rushing to get ready. Have a mirror on hand for quick fixes + some mints. No one wants leftover salami breath and greens in your teeth.

  • Dance it out – Make it through those final moments with a little dancing. Set up some speakers, sip up your drink, and have some fun. Not only will this make for some great memories with your favorite people but it will help pass time. Also, your photographer will love you for creating some organic photo opportunities.

If you are looking for some inspiration, look no further than Justin Timberlake’s new hit, “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. It is the happiest and most appropriate song to kick off this dance party.

  • Gifts – The long wait between pictures being finished and the aisle, is a perfect time to give out some gifts. This is the time that the bride and groom usually exchange a little something. Whether hand delivered by a bridal party member or in the more modern, pre-ceremony reveal. This is the perfect time to exchange a sweet note, a watch he has been dreaming of, or whatever else that says I love you. You can also use this time to hand out gifts for the wedding party if you haven’t already done so.
  • Create some special moments – Finally, this is the perfect time to stop and have a sweet time of prayer, a time of reflection, or even to just chat with your mom. Even though you are so excited and ready to get this party started, a season is ending. Take this time to reflect with your best friend or share some memories with your sister. Just be sure to grab a Kleenex!

Those final minutes before the aisle can seem like an eternity but you can truly make the most out of it.  A time that could be anxious and nervous, can be free and full of life and excitement as you start the celebrations a little early. Try out some of these tricks and let us know below how you and your bridal party spent your final moments before the celebrations began!

Need help with some pre-wedding snacks, check out our hors d’oeuvres for a few delicious ideas to keep the hangry bridal party at bay!

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